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Sonic Element

Episode 007


It had been over five months since heroes died...

since the hell bound war had begun from the grimy hands of Dr. Robotnik

He had gained allies around the world

as they take over more and more of the world

the human's government and now suddenly concerned

It was just the animals at first but now Dr. Robotnik is attacking their colonies

and this bothered them...

going to war they did the one thing they never thought they would ever do

team up with the animals to bring down this monster

Just what would it take?

Location: Mercia, Eurish

Time: Night

People ran and screamed in the small village as it was set to fire. Families divided... homes burnt down to the ground. One small child was divided on what to do. Mighty, the little armadillo. He shivered as he ran from the city, his family had been taken away and he couldn't find them. He couldn't save them... he was too small. He cried because of this. He wasn't sad... he was angry.

So angry that he punched the tree in front of him and grabbed the tree out of the ground with ease and threw it into the woods. The tree was caught in mid air by a green aura. "Great strength... by such a small boy..." a voice said.

Mighty looked towards the voice, "W-who is that?"

The man stepped forward and dropped the tree to the ground gently, his large tusk and his face poked out from the shadows and into the moon light giving off from the missing large tree. It was a tall ad bulk mammoth. Mighty was threatened at first but the mammoth waved his finger, "no need to be afraid, young man... I'm not here to harm you... I'm here to help you."

Mighty fell to his knees and cried, "I lost my family..."

The mammoth walked over and picked up the small armadillo in his hand and held him up to his chest, "what's you're name?"

"M-Mighty..." Mighty stammered, looking up at the mammoth.

"Well Mighty, I'm Mogul... Mammoth Mogul..."

Location: Harlem, Pacific

It was another morning I spent with my mother, we would go to the market and buy some produce. Father usually had someone else do it, but mom wanted to walk and do something for herself. We locked arms with another, as she held a basket in her hand. There wasn't that much people on our path home, which cut through the park and down the market lane. I smelled the fresh (somewhat stale) city air. It was comfort to me. Comfort because I knew mom was with me, right at my side.

I heard the doctor say that she doesn't have that many years left to live, I did the math and I figured that I would leave Harlem once she passes... there is nothing else left otherwise. No one likes me, except for my one and only friend, Lucardio. He didn't like it here either, but he was being raised by his strict father... total jerk... just like dad.

Fallont moved out of our house and into an apartment with Felicia and Olivia, he doesn't talk to dad anymore. I looked up at mom and noticed she was humming a tune, a very old tune by the way. Mom often told me about an old Casino Club where she heard many singers sing these old classics she would sing. To be honest I sung to most of them myself, it was this very jazzy and mellow feel to it that made me drown in the feel of music and make me escape to another world... crazy what music could do, huh?

I looked to my left to see a boy, about my age... green fur and blue eyed hedgehog, who held a gun aimed right at us. My mother pulled me back behind her, as the gun went off, hitting her right in the chest. She fell backwards, I held her in my arms and began to weep. Her cold blood covered my hands and arms as she shivered. This was my fault! Looking back the boy was gone, I heard my mom whisper, "R-Rouge..."

"Y-yes, mama?!" I weep holding her tighter.

"I... I love..."

That was it, she was gone. For the next five hours I blocked everything out, I went back home and climbed into my room and took a bag of things and left without a single goodbye. I climbed the wall of the city in the weakest spot and took flight. Nothing was holding me back... not anymore...

Location: Angel Island

This was another story for a small echidna, destined to protect the master emerald. It had been that way for all of his fore-fathers. He was training with his father, Locke, to become the best guardian. Knuckles, the small echidna was also taught history of their kind and the Master Emerald.

They praised two gods... Chaos, god of destruction, and Tikal, savior of peace. This was the basic belief. Chaos was the first guardian of the Master Emerald. The Toleans, an echidna tribe tried to use if for evil, this angered Chaos... hate over took his heart... so Tikal, the daughter of the Chief of the tribe, sealed herself in the Master Emerald along with Chaos. Its said that Tikal keeps the power of the Master Emerald in check.

"Hey Uncle Archie?"Knuckles asked a small fire ant that was standing on a rock watching him train.

"Yes, Knuckles?" Archimedes asked.

"Where did the Chao come from?" Knuckles asked.

"Well," Archimedes sighed, "when a man and a women love each other..."

"Is that what you're teaching my son?" Lara-Le had walked up to the area, this surprised Knuckles.

"Mom!" Knuckles ran up and hugged her tightly.

"Aye! Mi Lady!" Archimedes smiled, jumping up to her shoulder, "nice to see ya!"

"Same to you, Archie..." Lara-Le smiled, "Now where is Locke?"

"He's up by the lake," Archimedes said.

"Very good, Knuckles I'll be back in a moment," Lara-Le said, "I need to have a word with your father."

Lara-Le walked to the lake to see Locke standing at the edge skipping stones. Making her way over in her yellow dress with white bands across her waist. "There you are..." Locke turned and smiled lightly but frowned a little when she handed him the papers, the final divorce papers.

"So you still want this..." Locke sighed.

"I'm ready to move on and have this over with..." Lara-Le crossed her arms.

"Fine..." Locke signed the papers and handed it back to her.

"How is Knuckles doing..." Lara-Le asked.

"He's doing well... learning... still..." Locke explained.

"...Right..." Lara-Le nodded.

"So where did Chao come from, Archie?" Knuckles asked.

"Well," Archimedes tried to explain again, "who know of Chaos and Tikal right?"


"And how their bond was strong enough for Tikal to stop Chaos from destroying the world with his anger?"


"They were lovers," Archimedes said, "the chao had come from them..."

"...Wait- what?!" Knuckles dropped the weights he had in his hands, "we praise them for banging each other and making cute little creatures?!"

At this moment, Lara-Le had come back, "WHAT ARE YOU TEACHING MY SON?!"

"Now- Now- Lassie!" Archimedes jumped to her shoulder, "I was just trying to explain were Chao came from..."

"Well you're doing a terrible job at it," Lara-Le took a seat on the bench and patted the seat next to her for Knuckles, "let me tell you the story..."

There was once a young echidna tribal girl, Tikal. Her father was the chief of the tribe, Toleans. Her father was hungry for power and wanted to find a way to win a battle with other tribes. One day when Tikal went to go explore the forest she came across a temple... where water rested peacefully. On top of the shrine was a large glowing emerald, Tikal was taken back by its beauty and walked up the shrine, with only the intent to look at it.

That's the moment she met him, Chaos... a peaceful water beast that talked to her for hours about the lovely nature. When it was night, Tikal said her farewells to Chaos, and the next morning she came back to talk to him once again. They did this for many days and had become best of friends...

"When does the Chao come in?" Knuckles interrupted.

"That's not the point of the story..." Lara-Le said.

What really mattered was her bond with Chaos. He had grown to enjoy her company each day. Soon enough he had fallen in love with the young tribal woman. Tikal cared for him as well, and even adventured to the beach and brought back shells for him to admire, since he was bound to the Master Emerald. They had love one another so much that they had...

"Had what?" Knuckles asked.

"Um... well... Knuckles... when a man and a women love each other a lot... they make love... which makes..."

"See I told you it wasn't easy..." Archimedes said.

Anyway, Tikal and Chaos shared a small child together... but this child wasn't ordinary... it was a small little blue creature. Tikal feared it would be put in danger if her tribe were to see it, so she let it stay at the shrine with Chaos. Soon Tikal had another little creature, which once again remained at the shrine. When Tikal went home she was approached by her father, asking where she had been. Noticing she hadn't been doing her studies she was given to do. Tikal wouldn't tell him the truth though... which led the angered chief to take his tribe and march into the woods... right to the shrine. They had found the ultimate power and wanted to take it.

This angered Chaos, he had to protect the Master Emerald by their hands. Setting fire to the temple and grounds of the shrine, burning the tribe members alive. But it didn't stop there, the fire was reaching the forest. Tikal ran to the temple and up to Chaos, begging him for to stop this. It was too late for him to stop it... she had to fix it. "Servers are the seven chaos..." "Chaos is power..." Tikal bowed at the feet of Chaos and chanted, "power enriched by the heart!"

Tikal had sealed herself into the Master Emerald, along with Chaos, in order to bring balance to the power of the Master Emerald and Chaos.

"Oh... I get it now..." Knuckles smiled.

"Glad to know that's straightened out..." Lara-Le smiled.

Mighty was well fed and given a warm bed to sleep in that night, in the morning Mogul woke him up with a bucket of water. Mighty snarled. He was angry. "You must learn to control that anger..." Mighty paused and took a deep breath. "Very good now lets go..."

"Where are we going?" Mighty asked.

"On our merry way back to Casino Night..." Mogul said.

"Where's that?" Mighty asked, getting up out of the bed.

"Northamer..." Mogul said as they walked out of the small hut.

"But that's a whole continent over!" Mighty exclaimed.

"Which gives us plenty time to train..." Mogul smiled, "walk with me, boy."

"You have the strength to fight... but your strength is only a reaction to your anger... we need to change that..." Mogul said.

"How?" Mighty asked.

"Like if... something fell on you, a big bolder or a large enemy," Mogul suggested, "you must be able to do it without anger..."

Mighty scoffed, "that's stupid..."

Mogul smiled, and dropped himself onto Mighty, but that didn't really help, Mighty was flat down and the only thing preventing him not to be crush was his shell, Mogul then got up, "now... you would be dead..."

"Ugh..." Mighty groaned, "what do you weigh a trillion pounds?"

Mogul picked him back up to his feet, "you need to be trained..."

"You need to lose weight, big guy!" Mighty said back, Mogul hit him on the head with his cane, "ouch! Sorry! Sorry!"

"You're also undisciplined..." Mogul sighed.

"Hmph..." Mighty growled.

"I can only do so much for you..." Mogul explained, "I can teach you my lessons but you will need to be able to carry out your skills in some way..."

"What do you mean?" Mighty asked.

"There is an organization that is looking for volunteers... to assist in the war efforts," Mogul explained, "its run by G.U.N."

"Isn't that a human organization?" Mighty asked.

"Yes," Mogul nodded, "but I've been in contact with them recently..."

"...Why were you in the forest?" Mighty asked.

"I knew of your strength... I came to recruit you... I apologize," Mogul cleared his throat, "in arriving too late to help..."

Mighty kicked a rock, "stupid Robotnik..."

"We must use our time left very wisely, Mighty," Mogul said, "you understand that, correct?"

"Yes..." Mighty nodded, Mogul hit him in the side with his cane knocking the wind out of his chest.

"It's Master Mogul..." Mogul said with a small smile.

"Ugh- Yes- Master Mogul, I understand," Mighty apologized.

"You have much to learn..."

Sonic Element: Episode 007
Slowly getting these up
Didn't get to do any art this weekend because my boyfriend was in town but I did get an early birthday gift from my brother a WII U :D and I been playing lost worlds 

Episode 006

"Back To Your Arms,"

Location: Pacific Kingdom Loading Docks

Damien and Fallont were about to board the chopper until a guard had ran out with a pocket radio. "Mr. Bàvont! Wait!" the guard was still in training obviously, he had a squeaky little voice.

"What is it?" Fallont turned back to the guard.

"Y-your wife is on the phone- she says its urgent!" the guard handed over the pocket radio to Fallont.

"Fi? What's wrong?" Fallont stepped off to the side away from the chopper.

"Its Loretta, she's getting worse... Phelps is flying out to Pacific right now to have her be seen by Tonya Lacey," Felicia explained.

"I'm still here," Fallont said, then looked over to Damien.

"You should stay- I'll be fine," Damien nodded.

"I'm heading out with the girls now, I'll see you there..." Felicia said, "I love you."

"Love you too..." Fallont then hanged up and handed back the pocket radio to the guard.

"Are you sure you can do this?" Fallont asked.

"I'll be fine, you need to be here for your mother... this can be it..." Damien nodded.

Fallont gave a brotherly hug to Damien and said, "thanks,man..."

"Don't thank me yet," Damien patted his back, "keep me updated, alright?"

"I will," Fallont nodded.

"So he's on his way?" Tonya asked her assistant.


"Alright get my O.R., ready then..." Tonya ordered, "and get all the medical history on Loretta Bàvont..."

"Yes, doctor..." the assistant nodded.

Tonya grabbed her stethoscope and walked out to the loading deck to see Fallont.

"Fallont I presume..." Tonya asked putting out her hand.

"Yes, ma'am..." Fallont shook her hands firmly.

"Certainly look like your father... follow me," Tonya said, "I need to take some blood work from you and run some test to see how your nerve systems work..."

"Uh okay..." Fallont followed the somewhat off putting doctor to her office.

Location: Sand Blast City

"You can see the smug cloud..." Jack stood on top of his land cruiser, as he told this disturbing information to Vigil.

"Let's meet up with him so he doesn't damage the city..." Vigil suggested, Jack gave him a look and then nodded.

"Not a bad idea, Vigil... now let's head out boys!" Jack shouted back to the thugs and some volunteers holding weapons such as guns and machetes.

"Eh- Jack is it? Care to wait up for me?" Marshal called out as he made his way over to the land cruiser with his weapons.

"Did Colline pass you?" Jack asked.

"Yup," Marshal waived the yellow slip, "clean bill of health."

"Alright you come with us then," Jack slammed his fist down on the hood, "start up!"

Vigil let out a hand and helped Marshal up to the roof of the land rover.

The mini army of Sandblast City was somewhat ready for this battle with Dr. Robotnik, in order to push him back from taking over the little city that Jack was content on not sharing. Marshal loaded his guns while Vigil resharpened his blade. "Now you boys just clear the way to ole' Dr. Robotnik, alright?" Jack called out to the two as his long ears flapped in the wind.

A loud blare came from the horn of Dr. Robotnik's main ship. The land rovers stopped, and Dr. Robotnik's robots had come flooding out of the ramps of the little trucks. "Let's give them a good beat down!" Jack shouted. Everyone had jumped off of and went into battle with the robots as Jack walked up in a bee line with a smug look on his face. He had approached the battle ship of Robotnik, with little to no effort.

Walking onto the ship, Dr. Robotnik turned in his chair, "Jack... at first I thought you were crazy... to be siding with me..."

"My crew would have caused a mutiny in city if they knew... but..." Jack looked at the cameras showing the fight, "my men are no match for you... they'll surrender with my arm."

"You sound sure..." Dr. Robotnik crossed his arms.

"Maybe leave a few details out- oh like... how I saw they would destroy us all... and we must do whats best to survive..." Jack snickered.

"Hm," Dr. Robotnik slyly smiled, "I see..."

"All the oil you can have, Doctor!" Jack yelled in joy, "now let's talk business and make this look good to my stupid followers..."

Location: Pacific Kingdom

We arrived just a few minutes after mother and father. Felicia had handed off Olivia to this wolf lady who gave me a warm smile. Felicia wanted me to go along with them, but I wanted to be with my family. I needed to know if mom was going to be alright. The halls of the castle were like a maze and it took a while to reach the medical wing of the castle. It was amazing how they were able to fit a mini hospital in here- then yet again Queen Aleena had opened it to important rulers and her health wasn't as well either.

Finally we reached the waiting room, Fallont was sitting in a chair, he jumped up and hugged Felicia tightly, and of course afterward giving me a pat on the head. Like holly crap since when did I become a little dog? I'm your little sister! Ugh- I wanted to scream that so loud. But that would be taking not so lightly by coming from a kid... of eight years old.

Like things weren't bad enough, dad was always being a jerk and mom was always crying- and now Fallont is all of the sudden a big adult and that just aggravates me. Other kids would pick on me because my fur wasn't black... and blame dad. Nothing like a firm word from the leader of the city to strike fear into little kids to back off of me- but who am I kidding... my mom is ill... I couldn't bare the thought of losing her.

We walked into the room where mom was laying down. They plopped me with her at her bedside as they went outside to go to talk to the doctor and dad. By their gestures it wasn't sounding too good- at one point it didn't even seem like they were talking about mom. My mom couldn't see, but she had this tube in her arm that was connected to a bag filled with clear fluid. I always found these medical things interesting... but my father wanted me to study law with was super boring... he let Fallont learn how to fight...

"We have a few options..." Tonya explained, "but either way its always going to result in borrowed time."

"How long will she have?" Fallont asked.

"Ah... roughly ten years..." Tonya estimated, "but by the rate of it... it could be five."

"Dammit..." Phelps snarled.

"By the mapping of Fallont and you, Phelps..." Tonya explained, "I have found that Loretta has some ancient blood in her system..."

"What does that mean?" Felicia asked.

"Its ancient mobian blood but then she has our present type of blood with of course Quiel... which means her parent was very ancient..." Tonya further explained.

"Don't tell me you're suggesting..."

"Yes I am," Tonya interrupted, "so what is it going to be? If we remove her eyes now we can stop the spread to her brain and so on..."

"I... I guess that's the best option..." Phelps nodded his head.

"Alright then..." Tonya nodded, "I'll give you time to be with her while we go get the O.R., prepped." As she walked away Felicia turned to Phelps.

"Well she is all warm and fuzzy..." Felicia whispered to Fallont.

"No wonder, Marshal didn't want to come back..." Fallont replied.

"Will you shut up?" Phelps hissed, "your mother doesn't need to be hearing this bullshit."

"Maybe if you told her these things she wouldn't be angry..." Felicia said before they walked into the room, Phelps paused a looked back at Felicia, "don't give me that look you know I'm right..."

Location: Sandblast City

The battle was still going on and Vigil had paused after finishing off another robot, looking over to Marshal who was looking over to him as well, shared the same concern. Where did Jack go? Sharing the same concern they met up with one another. "Where the hell did your boss go?"

"I don't know... but I'm not liking it..." Vigil snarled.

"Looks like he went in to go talk to Dr. Robotnik... how about we go see whats taking him away from the party," Marshal suggested.

"Let's..." Vigil snarled, lugging his blade over his shoulder as they headed towards the ramp.

Once they had made their way onto the ship they saw Jack talking to Dr. Robotnik as they drank champagne.

"So what's up Julius?" Marshal crossed his arms.

Dr. Robotnik pressed his launch button and allowed for the battle ship to take its home in the sky, as the ship rattled, everyone lost their balance. Jack took this as his chance and launched at Marshal, going into battle with their fist.

Vigil got to his feet and interfered, "that's it Vigil- get this dunce off of me!" Jack sneered, Vigil gave a great slam to Jack's face, "I've got this piece of shit..."

"Good! I got big round and ugly!" Marshal called out, as he ran right at Dr. Robotnik.

"Why are you doing this you idiot!" Jack snarled, "I'm trying to protect us!"

"You're selling out!" Vigil shouted.

"Leave this to the adults you scaly bastard!" Jack snarled, swinging a spiked bat at Vigil's side. Lugging it back around to hit him again for the second time, Vigil grabbed it and used his single hand to smash it in his grip.

"Now you're really pissing me off!" Vigil snarled.

"So Mobotropolis wasn't enough? You need the oil refinery too?" Marshal attempted as a punch but Julian Robotnik only stopped it and twisted his arm, causing it to snap. Marshal lost balance, falling hard to the ground.

"You're starting to become a problem for me, Mr. Lacey..." Robotnik let out a sigh.

"I hated you since day one!" Marshal shouted, trying to go for another blow, which was once again blocked.

"Well I bet you blame Jules for rescuing me then?" Robotnik chuckled.

"He was a good man- and you killed him you bastard!" Marshal shouted.

"Don't get too upset- at least that little piece of tail you were tapping is still alive..." he shrugged.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Marshal paused.

"You know... Jule's wife... the one you cheated on your wife with?" Dr. Robotnik was obviously enjoying this, "she's still alive..."

"You're a lying bastard... they all died..." Marshal growled.

"I have the location... Mercia... just in the path of Angel Island..."

Jack and Vigil had brought their fight out to the little side decks where little planes were. Trapping himself in a corner, Jack splashed a tray of acid in Vigil's eyes. Jumping into a small biplane he quickly started up. Vigil had used his cloak to wipe his eyes. "You're not getting away that easily!" Vigil began to run at the plane, but slipped on the spilled acid on the floor, slamming onto the floor with his big body. Jack snickered and took off with the biplane.

"Dammit!" Vigil growled, slamming his fist down on the ground he got up and ran off to the ramp, jumping off without a second thought, he fell down to where the biplane was catching air.

Vigil landed onto the top, making the biplane tip nearly upside down, "WHAT THE HELL!?"

"I told you!" Vigil then yanked the plane to level out and grabbed Jack's neck.

"This is very unsafe!"

"And I'm going to kick your ass!" Vigil pulled Jack straight up out of his chair, immediately making the plane go off balance until Vigil pushed the steer back into balance and pushed the conveniently placed auto pilot button.

Jack took his knife and stabbed Vigil's snout, making it go clean right through.

"We're right over the pretty old ocean, Vigil- I hope a little aussie like you can swim!" Jack sneered.

"Pretty well actually," Vigil snarled, holding his snout.

Jack frowned, grabbing his blade he swung at him, making Vigil to hold it with his other hand, while Jack used heavy cuffs to snag at Vigil's ankle.

"What the-" Vigil looked down, Jack used his hand to hit him in the head with a chain, knocking him back to the side of the biplane.

"Well looks like goodbye, Vigil..." Jack stood up, putting on his parachute, "I'll tell Vee you died being an idiot..."

"What the hell..." Vanilla looked through her binoculars, "why is Jack..."

"What's going on?" Colline ran over.

"Oh no... h-he is working for Dr. Robotnik..." Vanilla said with tears in her eyes.

"Who is?" Colline jaw dropped.


"Oh fuck me sideways..." Colline sighed, looking over to the key rack she made an impulse based decision, "we're leaving... now."

Jack gave a waive goodbye to Vigil, as he leaned back. Falling free in the air he pulled his string and made a quick call on his radio, "Crock is in the trap, Boss..."

"Good... very good..." Dr. Robotnik smiled, pressing a button on his board, making the biplane explode, "now where did he go..."

"VECTOR!" Vanilla shouted dropping her binoculars, Colline ran over and grabbed her by the shoulders, "we have to go! Before Jack gets here!"

Colline walked to biplanes in dock and pulled out her radio, "Marshal! Marshal do you read me?"

"Yeah... Getting a biplane out of here..." Marshal called over.

"We're getting the hell of here..." Colline said.

"Head south..." Marshal directed.

"What about you?"

"I'm going west..."

"...Fine... think you can get us cover?" Colline asked.

"Yeah I'll whip mine out and get big guy on my tail," Marshal said, starting the engines.

"...Okay... be safe..." Colline replied, starting a plane.

"You too, sis..." Marshal then called, "Marshal out."

Location: Eurish, Mercia Kingdom: Armadillo Household

The small home of the small family three who were soon to be adding another addition to their family was giving the usual treatment giving to the many residents in the kingdom, their king wasn't the best they could be gifted. Thelma, the mother of the home was cleaning up the dishes leftover from the dinner she had made, as the father, Maxwell was telling a bedtime story to little Mighty.

"Papa why do you have a funny voice?" Mighty asked, as his father tucked him into his bed, the door remaining open to the kitchen.

"Because I'm from Ireland," Maxwell explained.

"Oh... do you have any stories from there?" Mighty asked.

"Hmm- sure I do," Maxwell thought for a moment and began, "there was once a man from La Brass, whose balls were made out of a very fine brass, in stormy weather they clinged and clang and sparks flew out of his ass!"

"MAXWELL!" Thelma scowled.

"Now- Now, Thelma... the boy wanted to hear a manly story... not a little sissy one about fairies..." Maxwell called out.

"I thought you liked those ones..." Thelma walked over, her hands across her chest.

"Uh... no comment," Mighty hid his head underneath his blanket, Maxwell let out a small laugh, Thelma gave him a glare and turned away and went into her bedroom.

"You can sleep on the couch tonight, Maxwell..." Thelma called out.

"What- why?" Maxwell asked.

"I don't want a child in my bed..."

"Hmph- well then..." Maxwell then turned to Mighty, "eh what do you say I tell you a little story about being a man?"

"Sure," Mighty smiled, popping out of the blankets.

"A boy heard of this magic man, had many powers. They knew him all by the enormous tusks sticking out, he would grant wishes, the boy was told. He heard that he was living on top of the mountain in a cavern. So the little boy got up one morning on a day class wasn't taken place and hiked up the mountain. He found the man in the cave but wasn't allowed in, the man called out, WHAT DO YOU WANT? The boy shook and stammered, I- I heard you g-grant wishes...there was a pause and the magical man boasted, what do you seek, young boy? The young boy then paused, he wasn't sure what he wanted... all he knew is that this man would be able to grant it. He thought and thought and then he smiled, smiled so brightly, he knew. I wanna be strong! The magic man leaned forward, enough for his tusks to come out of the shadows. I cannot grant a wish for you unless I have a book of spells... the boy then said, where do I get that from? The man said, from the library... before the man could say no more, the boy ran back to town... and the next morning brought up the book of spells, which was a very big book, up the mountain... the boy gave the book to the man. I need a cauldron to grant you this spell... once again, without waiting for the man to finish, the boy ran back down the mountain and came back up the next day, this time, dragging a cauldron up the mountain, taking a very long time. Now the man said, holding out a golden cup, this cauldron must be filled up with with cup from fountain in town... where all the wishes of people are granted by coins. The boy took the cup, and went back down the mountain and everyday he would climb up and bring a cup of water, sometimes only having a few drops to add as he was clumsy at first. The boy kept and kept climbing the mountain every morning... it had now been half a year... since he began he was much stronger, as he poured the last drop into the cauldron the man smiled. There... now can you grant me my wish? The man was still smiling and pointed out at the boy,look at you... you look as if a man had grown... the boy looked at himself and had noticed as well. All of those times hiking up the mountain had made him very strong maybe even stronger than all of the boy his age."

"Wait so that man wasn't really magical?" Mighty asked.

"Some still claim he is... but he doesn't grant wishes... he makes them work for it..." Maxwell explained, "Mighty there is nothing more honorable than being able to accomplish something on your own, remember that..."

"Okay, Papa..." Mighty smiled.

"Goodnight, son..." Maxwell smiled.

"Hey dad..." Mighty asked.


"What did they use to call you in the war?"

"Heh... that would be Blockhead Bill, son..."

"What does Blockhead mean?"

"Let's save that story for another night, son..."

Maxwell walked out of his sons bed room and looked at the frame on the wall of their home showing him in his uniform, Maxwell William Armadillo.

Location: Pacific Kingdom

Mom was finally out of surgery and awake, but it was just me in the room with her. Everyone else was either asleep or talking to the doctor about how to take care of her. She held my hand, "Rouge..." she said to me. "Yes mama?" I replied, poking my head up a little. "Don't be afraid..." she said on the verge of tears, if she could cry that is.

"I'm not," I told her as a rubbed her hand, she began to cry, "mama don't cry."

Anything I tried to say wouldn't work, she just kept weeping softly. So I used my last resort, the thing she would do when I was sad: sing. I grabbed her hand and stood up to get closer to her.

"Run... run... back to your run... back to your arms, back your arms..." I hummed and she started to calm down, I sat in the bed with her and hugged her tightly.


Sonic Boom: Look In My Pants by Lordius-Biscuit
Sonic Boom: Look In My Pants
So in the new trailer for the show Eggman stays at Sonic's house and tells him he didn't bring any weapons and to look in his pants to confirm, for this I added a little more for comical need…

My scanner broke so I had to do a phone picture and color it, I finished yesterday but it took all day to upload it mobile...
Fiona and Nic: Partners in Crime by Lordius-Biscuit
Fiona and Nic: Partners in Crime
(Or partners in cuddle)

This was a gift for my friend Lisa a while back, and after she pointed out that they used to work together in the comics 

So I decided to put them as a couple in Sonic Element, I have more art of these two coming later

Please no hate, let's be nice here, I will also love feedback- thanks :D


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*Notice: request won't be worked on until October

Hello, as you see I only have a few ART pieces...
so here is what I propose to help get my art out and pull in some worthy commissions...
I will take only FIVE request... here is the deal though... it cannot be a character from Sonic the Hedgehog... 

You may be asking, why Toxic? Why no Sonic characters? Isn't that your favorite thing to do? Draw Sonic? Well yes... but as an artist you have to do other stuff too...
These request can be ANYTHING you want, but you have to make it something people will actually look at and say "hey I should check this Deviant out..."

Now since this is a request thing I have the right to decline a request that I see unfit... and these are to be done in my free time...
So go ahead...come up with something and if I think it would be something to help sharping my skills... then I'll add it to the slots below... if not then oh well...
If this goes well then I will consider making this a monthly thing to do, but each time I'll put different conditions... so go ahead, but something for a mini comic... animation... or just a simple picture... hurry though... I'm pretty sure people are eager to get a free request from me XP


1. Filled!
2. Filled!


Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Age: 16
From: New Jersey, America
Current Residence: Virginia :(

Kids Icon Character: Sonic the Hedgehog
Adult Show Character: Brian Griffin
Official Couple: Sonic and Sally
90's Show: Sonic Satam (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Cartoon Chanel: Cartoon Network
Color: green and black, sometimes blue

Character that I made myself: Jayla "Jersey" Mist
Bad Guy I ever made: Tikilia...
Guy character that I ever made: Leon Tront (old crazy guys are fun XD)

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